Bum Marketing Is It The Same As Article Marketing

The bum marketing method is devised to be a simple if not a completely foolproof method of article marketing that allows you to earn commissions from affiliate product sales, AdSense, product sales.

This Marketing method is designed to take the article marketing concept to the next level.

By creating a full-proof means to earn money online by writing keyword-optimized articles for niches that are not getting enough exposure and submitting them to popular articles websites so that search engines can pick them up.

This method of marketing will allow you to earn significant affiliate commissions.

In addition to getting opt-in newsletter sign-ups and generating money from the sales of your own products, provided that you follow the process correctly.

Bum Marketing & Some Difference With Article Marketing

Bum marketing is not the same as traditional article marketing but is rather an improvement upon traditional article marketing to generate income rather than simply traffic or linking.

This kind of marketing is a style that was designed and popularized by a man named Travis Sago.

It is called bum marketing because it is meant to be so simple and straightforward that if a bum off the street were given a computer with internet access.

He would generate money with this form of marketing in no time at all.

Bum marketing is a unique form of article marketing to generate revenue because it is one of the very few occasions where making money is possible without spending any money.

In a nutshell, here is the basic concept behind bum marketing, which should explain how it differs from traditional article marketing:

Bum Marketing Is It The Same As Article Marketing

Basic Concept Behind Bum Marketing

1 – First, you find a low competition niche that is largely untapped.

2 – Next, you find an affiliate program with a product that compliments the niche and pays a decent commission.

3 – Next, you research low competition keywords but that you can easily write articles about.

4 – The next step is to write articles based on these low-competition keywords and keyword phrases.

5 – Now, you will submit your articles to popular article directories so that Google and other major search engines will pick them up and display them in search results.

6 – Finally, you earn affiliate commissions, make money from selling your own products, earn opt-in newsletter signatures and earn Adsense revenue without spending a dime in the process.

Final Take

This is similar to regular article marketing, but much more emphasis is placed on earning income through affiliate products than you would normally see in traditional article marketing, which is why bum marketing is a unique concept to your traditional article marketing concept.

While bum marketing is based on article marketing, it has a much more unique result. It is more ideal for people looking to make money over simply generating customers and visitors.

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